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Are you planning a kick-off event, do you have a corporate incentive, a product presentation, are you celebrating your annual accounts or a corporate anniversary?

I accompany many corporate events of any kind per year as a professional event DJ and can give you valuable planning tips.

First of all, the informal “come together” is important. The music is light, discreet, and decorates the room. Your employees and customers can have conversations and exchange information in peace. Afterwards, dinner begins. The music is adapted to the festive setting, becomes calmer and you can enjoy with all your senses.

The dessert is served. The music becomes more lively, a discreetly crackling atmosphere gives a foretaste of what might be expected that evening. They are looking forward to the upcoming party.

Slowly the light starts to move, the music on the dance floor gets louder, the first guests are gathering with their cocktails near the dance floor.
The next hit follows and the first dancers storm the dance floor. The party is open!

I am looking forward to your inquiry.