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// online-/streaming-/hybrid-event

Are you planning an online event or a digital live event in the form of a hybrid event?

Live and digital, this virtual event format combines the best of both worlds.
The music plays a very decisive role here.
Due to the increased attention and the 1:1 situation with the online participant, craftsmanship, musical knowledge, experience and a feeling for the dramaturgy are important.
Like a “Come Together”, you can welcome your virtual guests with musical content as early as the activation phase and get them in the mood for the hybrid event.
Thanks to my many years of experience in music conception for well-known clients, I can offer you the perfect musical atmosphere for the presentation of your content and brand messages.
I would be happy to advise you on the special requirements a DJ hast o meet at a streaming event.

You can see the recording of an online event stream from the Bauwerk/Cologne as an example. From 00:28:20 the video goes directly to the DJ set.

I am looking forward to your inquiry.